Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Giving and Receiving

(The mug and chocolate eggs were an Easter gift from my son)
My mother always told me "it is as lovely to give as it is to receive" and whilst I had an inkling of what she meant it wasn't until I started to give home-made pressies that I truly understood.  After all, it is the giver who gets the pleasure of choosing the fabrics, picking the threads and whirring the sewing machine to create something tangible out of little more than scraps of fabric and a little imagination.  
(A gift for a dear friend)
This Easter I recycled a project from last year's Zakka sew-along to create a much wished-for gift for my daughter.  Out with the "Plants vs Zombies" bottle holder ..... 
......... and in with a pair of "Plants vs Zombies" coasters.  (Just in case you don't know "Plants and Zombies" is a fun computer game - no guns or soldiers just peas and plants!!)
To say my daughter was happy with this transformation would be an understatement – you would think I had given her diamonds.  A gift well received is enjoyable for both the giver and the receiver.
And then, just two days later, the enjoyment switched from me being the giver to me being on the receiving end when the postman brought me my own little gift package all the way from the Czech Republic.  Vexa from Halabala Style had made me a safe new home for my latest 'on-the-go' sewing project.   
Vexa had created a house pouch that was so perfect for the Patchsmith that I knew she had taken so much time and trouble to perfect this wonderful little treat - the red check, the gingham lining and adorable fussy cut ‘country’ quilt hanging on the washing line - even the pegs are heart shaped (and look at the middle of the windows). 
And if that wasn't enough - inside my new home were squares of check fabric.  The pleasure of receiving a package in the post is always delightful but to open it to find a unique and “Patchsmith Perfect” gift, handmade with loving kindness is truly wonderful. 
My mother was right - giving and receiving are both so much FUN.   If you get the chance to be either a giver or a receiver this week I wholeheartedly advise you to go for it.  Maybe you could put together a little gift for somebody you know or perhaps you are eagerly awaiting a package in the post. 
And don't forget, you can always make yourself your own little treat.  Or better still get the postman to bring you a pressie - perhaps the recently released Zakka book Patchwork Please - ready for the Zakka 2.0 sew along which starts in June. 

Sew until next time...... 


  1. Love the little coasters - very cute! And Vexa has certainly made you an adorable little bag - so charming and just perfect.

  2. Well written. That's exactly how I feel about giving and receiving. I love that circle and enjoying both sides.

  3. Your Plants and Zombies coasters are so cute!! What a great idea :)

    And your Patchsmith house pouch is sooo delightful and exactly YOU!!! How lucky we are to make friends with such big and creative hearts!!


  4. Enjoyed your post :) love the all the cutie gifts you made and the gift you received is wonderful. Such a pretty way to keep you projects safe. Thanks for the 'heads up' on the Zakka Sew Along :) Ellyx

  5. wow your just amazing. thanks so much for all the sharing and great creativity you share.