Friday 7 September 2012

Monday moves to Friday - it's on the Zakka Peg Board

Okay, the family were a little confused this week.  They thought I was Zakkaing on Monday morning when, in fact I was sewing a super-dooper wall quilt pattern to go with my Glorious Autumn block on 4th October 2012. 

So when Friday morning arrived and the family thought we were going shopping I had to tell them that we would go straight after my Zakka project was complete.  They sighed and muttered something about “past Zakka projects taking hours” and “we can expect to go shopping about tea-time”.  Well colour-me-red (of course) they were so surprised when I was all set to go shopping just an hour later, Zakka project complete and on the kitchen wall.  Yes ‘tis true – just one hour!!!  I promised the family that all future changes to the routine would be securely pegged on the new Zakka Peg line.  Oooh, look ..... there’s a message there already. 
This project is really fast and visually stunning.   It was designed by Katrien of abitofpillipilli (I love her bird blog header – it would make a super quilt block) and this week is being hosted by MaureenCracknell.   I did made a few changes (come on, admit it, you knew I would!!!) but they were very small and only added to the simplicity of the pattern.

Firstly I used just one colour for my bunting – it had to be red.  Red is the ascent around my home which I will show you in a couple of weeks when I blog about The Patchsmith at Home.  But for now you will just have to take my word for it – or look through my previous Zakka makes and see all the red!

Secondly, I used fusible webbing for those pesky little triangles because they wouldn’t stay perfectly still.  I fused them in place and this made stitching them down really easy – and very quick.

Thirdly I stitched the twine down at the sides so that when I stretched the linen to fit the frame it wouldn’t slip out.

I only had an 8” frame so there are not so many flags – but I think it still looks good.  One small criticism – a template of the flag would’ve been easy to include in the book.  I made one out of card.

Ooooh look here is another message ..... a sew-along at SewMuch2Luv to replace the Zakka one when it ends.
I wasn’t overly keen to do this project for some reason but I am so glad I did.  It is a really lovely little make.  So quick and a perfect gift for a sewing friend – not that I’m giving mine away – oh no, you lot can make your own!!  And when you do you will find that the most time consuming part of this project is picking the fabrics for the flags.

Look out for further messages on my Zakka peg board in future blogs.  Until next time ....


  1. That is so stinkin cute! Love it, love it, love it!

  2. PERFECT for you, Miss Patchsmith!!
    I love your theme and how you can use it for your blog "dates to remember", since you are getting known all over the internet and popping up everywhere!!

    Did you already have your little clothes pins in your stash? (I would've had trouble finding them.)

    Totally cute! And I can't wait 'til Oct 4 to see your feature and giveaway!
    P.S. I signed up for the Sew Much 2 Luv Sew Along!

  3. Love your version! I made mine on an excisting rectangular frame, since I didn't have a ring. This project is so inspiring and the result so cute!
    Off to have a look at the BOM.

  4. I love yours! I've just finished mine up now. That was truly fun!!!