Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Patchiqué Blocks 2 and 106

I almost went right back to the beginning for the Patchiqué patchwork block this weekend – but not quite! 
Block 2 from Japanese Taupe Quilts
Block 2 - 'Shima ichimatsu' (stripe check) is created using thirty-six 2” squares – but not for me – I thought I'd take a shortcut!

I cut three strips from each fabric measuring 13” x 2” and then I stitched the six strips together, using a SCANT ¼” seam to create one piece measuring 13” x 9½”.  Next I cross-cut this piece into six 2” strips before stitching them back together as shown.
This method requires accurate cutting and stitching and I cannot stress enough to use a scant ¼” seam. (I didn’t have graduated fabric so I used two contrasting fabrics to create a checkerboard effect.)
Patchique Block 2 - Patchsmith Style
So onto the appliqué block 106 entitled ‘Ken giku’ (sword-petaled chrysanthemum) – what I would call a Dresden Plate. 
Block 106 from Japanese Taupe Quilts
Now I have seen a lot of Dresden quilts – none nicer than this one by Amy over at Amy Made That. 
Amy-Made-That Dresden Plate Quilt
But I had never made one so this was a first for me and I have to say - I didn’t like making it.  I stitched the petals together using ¼” seams but it still seemed a bit baggy in the middle so I re-stitched some of the seams.  It looks okay – but not perfect.  My points are uneven and it doesn’t lay totally flat.   But more importantly, I didn’t enjoy making it.  I cannot even put my finger on why – but I just didn’t.  So this is the first – and I suspect the last, Dresden this Patchsmith will make.
Patchique Block 106 - Patchsmith Style
Next fortnight I will go for a simpler appliqué block – Block 70 – which is made up totally from squares to create a pretty little star.  This will be accompanied by patchwork block 45 which introduces our first inset seam.  But more about that next time ........      


  1. Next time you need a Dresden block, just put in an order, and I'll make it for you...I love 'em! Did you have that handy TOOL for making them? I think it makes all the difference. Maybe Santa will bring you one...

    1. What tool? I used cardboard to create a template and then a sewing machine to stitch them. Are you telling me there is an easier way? And you're telling me this now????

  2. I think your Dresden plate is just beautiful! You have fixed up whatever you thought was not perfect!