Friday, 1 August 2014

Across the Pond for a speedy Cutlery Pouch
July has been fantastic here in Hampshire, England with wall-to-wall sunshine.  And as August begins there will be many hoping this weather continues for the summer holidays.

With so much fun to be had outside the home, I thought a quick and speedy project would be just the thing for August.  Say hello to the Flatware Pouch – or as we say here in England, the Cutlery Pouch.
Ocean Flatware Pouch
This project is courtesy of our Amy (Amy Made That) who has been kind enough to provide us with the tutorial for Table Mats and Cutlery Pouches.
Cherry Gingham Cutlery Pouch
Aren’t they perfect for summer picnics and BBQs?  Amy used decorating weight fabric for both her table mats and pouches but I only had quilting cotton fabric so I added batting to the back of the front panel and quilted it before stitching it all together.

What I really like about the pouches is that they are the perfect size for transferring my mug rug applique onto the front of them for a Patchsmithian look.  If you add appliqué detailing remember to place the design at the top of the outer fabric and allow for the seams when positioning your chosen design.    
Add applique to the top of the front.
 Yep, you saw right - my pouches come complete with reindeer .....
and with cutlery .......
I think they will look lovely on the Christmas table.  I also think a red-nosed Rudolph pouch would be perfect to leave out on Christmas Eve – complete with carrot and thank you note. 

Or how about adding initials for each child attending a birthday party and then the child could take the pouch home, complete with a little treat tucked inside?  Unique, personal and a lovely touch.
Add a letter to the front of the pouch
for a personal touch
How will you use your Flatware Pouch?  Leave a comment and let us know and be sure to check out Susie’s blog for a clever 'mitt' cutlery pouch.

And if you jump on board this month and make a pouch or two be sure to post a photo to the Across-the-Pond Flickr group.


  1. Sew sweet! These are very cute. Thanks for sharing this fun idea ... :) Pat

    1. You're welcome Pat. They turned out rather well. Amy is very good at producing easy to follow tutorials and patterns. It is through her I learned how to make a zipped cushion back quickly and easily.

  2. Just leave it to The Patchsmith, and she will come up with brilliant ways to use an everyday item! Your appliques really dress the cutlery pouches up for dinner!

  3. Love that Christmas pouches. What a fun idea!

  4. I love your appliqued designs added to the pouch! Sew darn cute! And a beautiful decoration for the table during the holidays. Your reindeer are totally adorable!

  5. you sew along flickr page is great....I love all the photos and creativity...cannot wait to make a cutlery pouch.....

    1. Hi Rosie and welcome. This sew-along group is a very relaxed group as life can get very busy, very quickly. So if you make the monthly project that is great, but if you find you do not have time then don't worry - pop back the following month and see what we're up to.