Wednesday 14 July 2021

Chevron Brick Wall

A pattern is seldom just one way of making something.  It is often a starting point.  You can follow the pattern exactly or your can play with it and make it uniquely yours.  And that might be as simple as changing the order of fabrics.

Take my Brick Wall block from The Patchsmith's Sampler pattern book.  In the book I use different fabrics for each brick and I love the scrappy look.

I even used the pattern when making a gingham road for a sew-along a few years back.

Who wouldn't love a gingham road?

But today I wanted something a little more co-ordinated so, this time I used just three fabrics.  And what a difference! 

You wouldn't think it was the same pattern.  That is the fun of this scrap happy block (and that there is no seam matching required).

If you want to mimic the chevron brick wall you will need to choose three contrasting fabrics.  From each of them cut five of block A and two of block B as detailed in the pattern.

Tip 1:  Lay the cut blocks out on your sewing table in the order you want them before stitching.

Tip 2:  For a slight variation rotate the block a quarter of a turn as shown at the top of this blog.

Until next time....

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