Friday 16 August 2019

Granny's Garden Bedrunner - Getting Ready

I love joining in a sew-along  - especially when it is one of Lori Holt’s fantastic designs.  However, the last thing I need is another quilt.  I live in England, in a very small house - I have neither the bedrooms nor the wall space for another full size quilt. 

Farm Girl Vintage Sew-Along

So I will joining in the Granny’s Garden sew-along but I will be creating a bedrunner instead. 

I did this with Lori’s previous Bloom SAL and I love the finished quilt.  It lies neatly along the foot of my bed and is easy to launder and change according to the seasons.

Bloom Sew-Along Bedrunner

Making a bedrunner means I will be taking a more leisurely pace of one or two blocks a week and I shall be using my favourite applique method, quick-fuse (sometimes referred to as ‘raw-edge’).  But more about that next week when I will discuss the cutting and sizing to create a Granny's Garden bedrunner.

However, I must stress that this is Lori’s sew-along and I shall be using her pattern, her templates and her block sizing instructions so you need to pop over to her Bee-in-my-Bonnet blog post to find out all about the sew-along and to find the link to the Riley Blake Sew-Along-Guide.  

Until next week ........

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