Monday 28 May 2018

Patchsmith Sampler Block 13 - Slice and Dice

Block 13 - Slice and Dice

This week brings us to an unusual block - Block 13 'Slice and Dice'.  The most important thing about this block is NOT TO TRIM IT UNTIL IT IS COMPLETE.   I use the slice-and-dice method for many different patchwork blocks and we will come across it again for Block 41 – Checkerboard.
Slicing and dicing makes quick work of Block 41

But back to this week's block.  Firstly you need to cut an A strip from two different fabrics and two background strips.  When choosing fabrics remember that the A fabrics will be alongside each other so try to make them contrasting. 
Use two different fabrics for your A strips

The first step requires you to stitch a B background strip to each of the A strips.  Press the seams open. 
Join a background strip to each A strip.
Then we make our first slice by cutting each of the A/B units in half to create four 4” squares.
Four 4" squares

On the back of two identical squares mark a diagonal line making sure the diagonal line runs the same way on both squares.

Place the marked square, right-sides together onto an unmarked square so that the B background fabric lies against the A fabric as shown.  
The B strips should lie against the A strips as shown.

Stitch a scant ¼” either side of the marked line.  Slice along the marked line and press open to create four units that look like this ....
Your spliced squares may be mishapened but DO NOT TRIM.

Each unit should measure at least 3½” but DO NOT TRIM THEM.  This is very important.

Arrange the four blocks as shown in the book and stitch them together.  Press.  Now you can trim the block to size.   (I used a very scant ¼” when stitching along the diagonal so I had a fair amount to trim.)  
NOW YOU CAN TRIM - once the block is complete. 

I think you will agree, a tricky block but well worth the effort.
A very pretty 6½ Slice & Dice block
I look forward to seeing your Slice & Dice blocks over on Instagram (#block13sliceanddice) and in the Flickr Group. 

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  1. cute idea and I really like the color combinations. Great!