Monday 18 September 2017

Speed Typing on the Spelling Bee Typewriter Block

If you are making the 12” Typewriter block from the delightful Spelling Bee sewing book you might enjoy sewing thirty-two 1½” squares together to create the typewriter keys.  

However, if you are making the 6” block it gets real fiddly to stitch thirty-two 1” blocks together.  So how about speed typing with fabric?  Here's how .....

1.  Cut two 9” x 1” strips from two different fabrics (total of four strips).  (You only need 8" lengths but the extra inch allows for trimming.)
Cut a total of four 9" x 1" strips

2.  Stitch the strips together, alternating the fabric.  You will end up with a patch measuring 9” x 2½”.   Press all seams towards the darker fabric.   (Do not worry if your seams aren't completely straight - this construction means there is 'wiggle' room when nesting the seams.)
Make sure to press the seams towards the darker fabric.

3. Once pressed cut eight 1” segments from the patch as shown - each segment should measure 1” x 2½". 
Do not worry if your keys are not even - they will nest perfectly.

4.  Flip half of the segments upside down. 
Flip those keys before stitching together.

5.  Finally, stitch them back together to create a Typewriter Keys patch measuring 4½” x 2½”. Perfect for the 6" Typewriter Block from Lori Holt's Spelling Bee book.
Such an itty bitty keys unit!

Speed typing with fabric - who'd have thought?  


  1. I absolutely love this block! Thank you for the very helpful tip, Amanda!

  2. That looks so much easier than sewing individual squares, thank you for sharing this. I am hoping to make blocks from this book but some of them look tricky. All tips most welcome!

  3. You will enjoy the blocks Jacqui. There should be a sew-along next month and Lori will most likely do her wonderful tutorials.

  4. AMAZING! You are so amazing with your stitching! I love it!