Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Spelling Bee Picture Day Sampler Quilt

My Spelling Bee book arrived and although the sew-along won’t start until October I couldn’t help myself. 
So much fun in a spiral bound book.

I am making the Picture Day Quilt (page 158 of the book) which uses 20 pictures blocks.  I am using 6" blocks and have made three to date......

Block 1 – Apple Block.  Very quick, very simple – a perfect start to this project.
Spelling Bee Apple Block

Block 2 – Bee Block.   Love this block and it went together quite well except for the head.  I think the H squares that you sew onto the head are too big – they result in a pointy face for this bee – not at all like the book.  

So I cut those the background H squares to 7/8” square.  It worked well.  (I kept the H blocks as per the size in the book for the top of the wing.)
Spelling Bee Bee Block

Block 3 – Bird Block.   Another easy and very well written block pattern.  The head looks a bit strange but it will flatten when it is stitched in with the other blocks.
Spelling Bee Bird Block
I am trying to make a block a day so do come back and check at the weekend to see how its going.  Until then .....................


  1. So enjoy your sewing Amanda. So crisp!

  2. I received my book, also. I might try a few like you have. I can never keep up with sew-alongs. Your blocks turned out cute!

  3. I am so impatient - I just love to make blocks so I can't wait until October!

  4. October does sound so far away. This way you'll be able to do lots of other things while you are sewing along. I love the blocks, especially the Apple. Adorable!