Wednesday 21 June 2017

English Rose Mug Rug

June is the month for roses here in England .......
English Rose Mug Rug

They come in all shapes and sizes.   Some large and colourful, others delicate and fragrant (the roses framing Jane Austen's cottage fill the little house with a beautiful scent).
June at Jane Austen's cottage at Chawton

My English Rose is based on the Tudor Rose associated with the Royal houses of York and Lancaster. The House of York favours a white rose whilst the House of Lancaster prefers red.
The English Rose makes a beautiful 6" quilt block

You will find this rose on road signs and maps throughout England - guiding the way to a place of historical interest.  And now you can have it on your table all year round - in any colour you like.
Mug rugs aren't just for mugs - they are great for vases too!

The English Rose mug rug pattern is available for immediate download for the royal price of just $2.50.  

So join with me and add a little touch of Englishness to your table today.  


  1. Nice mug rug. Thanks for sharing it and a little history.

    1. You're welcome Pamela. I like a little bit of history so it creeps in sometimes.

  2. Very nice and the history too!

  3. What a beautiful design! So quaint and delicate!! I love learning the history behind this classic rose, too.
    As usual, a perfect design!!