Tuesday 21 March 2017

Simple Square Sampler Quilt Block

Sometimes you will find yourself one or two blocks short for a sampler quilt.  Look no further than the Simple Square – it’s quick to make but very versatile.

It is also a very quick 6" block to match with one of the fun sidebars from my One Block pattern book:
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or in paperback format from Amazon

To make a 6” Simple Square block (finished size) you will need:
One 3½” for the center square.
Two 2” x 3½” outer rectangles
Two 6½” x 2” out rectangles. 

To make a 12” Simple Square block (finished size) you will need:
One 6½” for the center square.
Two 3½” x 6½” outer rectangles
Two 12½” x 3½” out rectangles. 

As I said it is very simple to put together .....

And the clever thing about this block is it can look different every time you make it - perfect as a Sampler Quilt filler.  
I saw the first daisies of the year today - but not this many!


  1. Great idea Amanda! Hope you are keeping well! Christine x

    1. I am getting there Christine. I hope you are well and looking forward to the first flourishes of Spring. xxxx

  2. Replies
    1. Sometimes all it takes is a simple block to add the finish Sheila.

  3. Less is more. I love the way this block can set off a favorite print.

  4. Sometimes simple blocks are" Simply The Best Ones!" Thanks for the wonderful directions!