Thursday, 25 August 2016

Cozy Cottage Mug Rug

The second block up in the Cozy Christmas Sew Along is a Gingerbread House. However, my house is more like a cozy cottage on a gingerbread background.  

If you are using the quick-fuse applique method (raw edge applique) you will need to patch the house.  To do this cut:
  • one 5½” x 3” rectangle of roof fabric 
  • one 5½” x 3½”rectangle of house fabric  
  • one 5½” length o½” ribbon or rick-rack

Place the house and roof rectangles right sides together, with the ribbon between the two - all top edges lining up.  Stitch through the three layers before pressing the roof rectangle away from the ribbon/house section.

Next you will need to trace B4 and B15 together as one piece onto the paper side of the fusible web and mark the roof-line on the house tracing.  Fuse this B4/B15 tracing to the WRONG side of the house patch matching the traced roof-line with the stitched seam.

The rest was pretty much exactly as per Lori's tutorial - I love that she tells you exactly where to place the pieces to the inch, as it makes life so much easier.

You will also need a 2" length of bias binding for the window box
(see last week's tips for a cheat for this).
To turn this sweet Cozy Cottage into a sweet little mug rug I added the Birdhouse Sidebars from my One Block Mug Rugs book to either side of the Cozy Cottage block. 

I added a redbreast to each of the little sidebar birds to turn them into Winter robins - sweet eh?   
Little Robin Redbreast
This is easy to do by drawing a redbreast onto the bird templates and using them as the templates. This would also work well on the slightly larger birds in my Summer Birdhouse mug rug pattern. 

I love the smoke spirals created using the template provided with the free Cozy Christmas Pattern (details here).

And there you have it – week two of the Cozy Christmas sew-along - one Cozy Cottage mug rug.

So until next week when it will be time to trim trees .....


  1. Oh how cute this little English cottage is! No wonder the birds are nesting nearby. I think the ribbon accent in the roof is adorable, too. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. I had to use ribbon Amy as I could only find white rick-rack and it wouldn't have showed. So glad you like it. xxx

  2. Can't say enough sweet and love it!! comments about your Cozy Cottage Mug Rug!! How clever to pair the cottage with your Block Mug Rugs Book!!! I like how you use the fusible raw edge applique technique, as it is less bulky, and perfect for mug rugs or table runners. These little birds are delightful and sweet! Adding another of your patterns to my "to do" list!!

    1. I do like Lori's method of stitch-and-turn applique but it does add bulk - especially when placing pieces on top of pieces. So raw-edge is so much better for mug rugs. Her little buttons are small enough though, not to cause a spill.

  3. Beautiful Amanda! I love this series of mug rugs.... so cute! Christine x