Wednesday 25 May 2016

Farmer’s Wife 1930s Quilt Blocks 54, 56, 58, 66, 68 and 69


Time to catch up on my Farmer’s Wife quilt blocks.  I shall be making the last few blocks over the next few weeks and hope to finish piecing the quilt top before June is out. So let’s get going .....
Block 54 – Magnolia.  I initially pieced this block incorrectly (leaves are the wrong way round) so I turned that into a Quilty Zip Pocket and set about paper-piecing this block correctly.  

My notes for this block state ‘too many seams so I combined A4 with A5, B3 with B4, C1 with C2 and D1 with D2.
Farmer's Wife 1930s block no. 54 - Magnolia

Block 56 – Marcella.  This is simple block and I am surprised it wasn’t one of the earlier blocks on the Gnome Angel sew along.  Notes state ‘really easy – paper-pieced whilst waiting for daughter to come home from work.’
Farmer's Wife 1930s block no. 56 - Marcella

Block 58 – Martha.  I patched this block back in October 2015.  It is just a collection of half-square and quarter square triangles.
Farmer's Wife 1930s block no. 58 - Martha
Block 66 – Mrs Anderson.  This was a “lovely block to make.”  I took off all paper-piecing paper off the four corners before patching the sections together.
Farmer's Wife 1930s block no. 66 - Mrs Anderson

Block 68 – Mrs Fay.  My notes in the book say it all “strewth – why oh why has the paper-piecing templates been created in such a convoluted, difficult manner.  No need for insets or half-triangle squares.  I patched this block easily with rectangles and squares.”  My notes on Instagram suggest a shortcut ‘I calculated cutting sizes myself but I have since noticed that this block is incredible similar to LoriHolt’s Winter Star Block from her Farm Girl Vintage book.’
Farmer's Wife 1930s block no. 68 - Mrs Fay

Block 69 – Mrs Keller.  I patched this block as it was a case of a simple nine-patch center and then quick corners for the sides and half-square triangles for the corners.  Notes read “okay – nothing special to make”.  But it sure did turn out pretty.
Farmer's Wife 1930s block no. 69 - Mrs Keller
Very Kerry Berry has covered a few of the blocks whilst I have been unwell so my Block-a-Day makes this week will be including Block 59 Mary and Block 60 Mary Gray. 

You can find all my Farmer’s Wife blocks on my Farmer's Wife Pinterest Board or by clicking on the tab above.

Until next time   ......


  1. Such beautiful blocks Amanda.... they make me want to join in but I already have too many projects to work on! Have a great day! Christine x

    1. We just can't do all we want to do which is a shame as there are so many wonderful projects out there.
      You have a lovely afternoon and evening too Christine.

  2. What beautiful blocks! My favorite, out of these, is Magnolia. I even love the "mistaken" block that you made into a gorgeous pouch!! What beautiful fabrics!

    1. Thank you Susie. I like Mrs Fay and Mrs Keller best out of these although Magnolia is gorgeous and Mum loved her book pouch.

  3. Looking so lovely, as always! That Mrs. Fay...such a troublemaker but she gets away with it because of her amazing beauty!

    1. I quite agree - she is one of my favourites.