Saturday 18 April 2015

Ladybug Blocks

Block 91 Ladybug from my Ladybug Mug Rug Pattern
As promised at the beginning of the month, I have made the two ladybug blocks from my Across the Pond 'ladybug' blog post and thought I would give you a flypast of them both.
Handiwerx Paper Pieced Ladybug
First up is a paper-pieced block by Handiwerx which became Block 96 of my Block-a-Day project.  This pattern went together relatively easily.  There were no spots to appliqué so I indulged in a little red polka dot fabric.  
Block 96 - Paperpieced Ladybug
The only thing to watch for is that you match the head and shoulder seams when joining the head and body.  The original pattern has embroidered legs but I was happy to leave them off – ‘less is more’ as they say.

Sometimes though, it just has to be patchwork.  That is where the second block, Block 98, comes into play.  This block is by Apple Avenue Quilts.  
Apple Avenue Patchwork Ladybugs
As you can see the original block holds four ladybugs in a 12” square but, as I am using only scraps for my Block-a-Day, I chose to make one quarter – in other words, one ladybug on a 6” block.  
Block 98 - Mummy Ladybug
The patchwork went together quickly and easily and I have to say, I loved making it and I love the look of it.  I used black linen scraps for the head, stripe and spots and a small dotty red for the body.  Isn’t she a beauty?  I think a bed quilt made up of this block mixed with a flower block would look so pretty - perfect for a little girl's bedroom or nursery.

There you have it – two lovely blocks using two different methods.  Both were a delight to make but, if I had to choose, the patchwork bug wins by a wingtip.

Until next time ...... 


  1. I am hopeless at paper piecing so I thank you so much for sharing a patchwork lady bug, too. I love ladybugs!

    1. It is a great patchwork block. You will enjoy it.

  2. Love your funny plays on words as much as your lovely ladybugs Amanda! Your three blocks turned out incredibly cute!

    1. I had to stop myself from using puns all through this blog so I limited myself to just two. Glad you liked the couple I used .... and the blocks, of course!

  3. These two little projects are as cute as a bug in a rug! Thanks for the links to two adorable projects!