Sunday 7 December 2014

More Trees from Across the Pond

Patchsmith Quilted Tree
Last week I showed you how to make a Patchsmith Quilted Tree as part of the Across the Pond project for this month and I promised you some more Christmas Tree projects from around the net.  But before I do, I must ask - have you checked out Susie's wonderful Santa projects?  I am going to make one of the cutesy Santa cushions for myself.
Sew-a-Straight-Line's Santa Cushions made by Susie
But enough of me - you want to know about the Christmas Tree projects that will have you reaching for your needle-and-thread (or glue-gun).

First up how about a little bit of cross stitch? What looks difficult is really quite simple with this Nordic Christmas tree from Balades et Broderies 
Balades et Broderies Nordic Tree Pattern
Or how about this snowflake tree from Stickeule:
Stickeule Snowflake Tree
I actually stitched this tree this month using a different shade of green thread for each snowflake:
The Patchsmith's version of the Stickeule Snowflake Tree

It you fancy something very quick and very easy look no further than Cosmo Cricket's cinnamon tree.   I think this would make a lovely gift wrap accessory instead of a bow - very country, very chic.
Cosmo Cricket's Cinnamon Tree

Or even simpler – a scrap ribbon tree from Fireflies and Mud Pies.  If you don't have a dry twig to hand you could still use a cinnamon stick:

Talking of ribbon here is an elegant ribbon tree from Star Inspirations:
Ribbon and Beads from Star Inspirations

And over at Homedit you will find felt trees that can be made as plain or fancy as you like (there are other ornaments as well):
Felt Christmas Ornaments from Homedit

I don't know about you but my buttons seem to multiply so I have more than enough to create a fabulous button topiary tree from Crafts ‘n Coffee.   No needle or thread needed - just a fistful of buttons, some glue and a polystyrene cone:
Button Tree from Crafts 'n Coffee

And finally, there is always the wonderful pleated tree tutorial from Sew Lux. This is a seriously easy tree to make yet it looks so elegant:
Pleated Tree from Sew Lux

Unless that is, you're the Patchsmith and, in true Patchsmith style you get something a little wrong.  It was my own fault ..... can you spot my mistake?
Pleat pockets full of birds and hearts

Yes, the pleats are upside down - doh!  I used quick fuse applique and didn't pay attention to the direction of the tree.  But I recovered the project by using the pleats as little pockets for a chubby bird and a few country hearts to create a folksy picture for the mantel.
An upside-down pleated tree!
However, I can't stop and chat - there are gingerbread trees to be made and eaten - like these from good 'ol Martha Stewart:
Martha Stewart's Lemon Iced Gingerbread Trees
I look forward to seeing your Christmas 'makes-and-bakes' over at the Across the Pond Flickr group.  Until then.......


  1. Thank you for the fabulous links and I love your tree

    1. Thank you. I found the cross-stitch quite relaxing and a nice change from quilting.

  2. This is a treasure trove of wonderful and fun and elegant projects! I LOVE your pleated "POCKETS" tree, Amanda! What a beautiful way to use your cute applique pattern shapes!!! That's a Win-Win project!! I must make some of these, early - like in JULY, for next December! They are all so cute!

  3. Hello Amanda! Thank you for all the tree links... I have been making Christmas tree mug rugs myself this weekend. Hope to have them finished up in the next couple of days! Love your upsidedown pleated tree... the additional bird and hearts are a brilliant idea! :) x

    1. Oooh, mug rugs are my absolute favourite. I have been making a couple of tree mug rugs too - I can't help it - I am a mug rug addict and it sounds like you might be also. xx

  4. Wow - what a treasure chest you have put together for us Amanda. I adore the cross stitched trees. That wasn't a mistake on your pleated tree - it was serendipity. How perfect it looks now! I love that you thought up a clever solution like that!

  5. Ah, I had a feeling there were no mistakes in quilting - just opportunities.

  6. Oh I love the pleated version! Both! I just realized I'll be able to participate once I download my pics since I made some trees as well. Yipee!

    1. Excellent. Can't wait to see them in the Flicker group and on your blog. At this rate we will have our own forest!

  7. A beautiful array of Christmas projects. Thankyou for sharing.

  8. I love the cross stitch tree done in different shades of green for each “snowflake/branch!”