Friday, 25 October 2013

Fabric Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkins

Jack-O-Lantern and Pumpkins

I did warn you it might happen!

Martha's Stewart's fabric pumpkin gets a Patchsmith make-over

If you fancy making your own fabric jack-o-lantern then click on the links for the Martha's free tutorial and my free Halloween face pattern.  I cut my fabric at 5.5" x 11" but on reflection another inch or two bigger would've been better.  And for a nifty way of making the stalks check out my previous blog.

Sew until next time .....


  1. He is great with his face!! And those felt stalks are perfect for fabric pumpkins!! They all look so cute in a group, with your mug rug! Lovely decorations to use year after year...

  2. I just love Happy Jack! He would make a nice decoration at a dentist's office, wouldn't he? ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing. I think I am going to try to make one or two of these.