Saturday, 20 July 2013

A Royal Delivery from the Patchsmith

It seems the whole world is waiting for news of the new royal baby.  And I am just the same as I check the news channel each morning to see if we have a new prince or princess.  (Secretly I am hoping for a princess so that history can be made - the new princess will become the first English monarch to succeed to the throne irrespective of her having any male siblings.) 

But the media are watching the doors of the hospital where Catherine is due to give birth when they should be looking to the sky for sighting of a stork!

There are many myths and legends regarding why a stork is associated with birth and I like the tale of the stork bringing the soul of the baby down to earth.

This just leaves one question ..... will the stork bring a girl?

Or a boy?

Or maybe, just maybe the stork will bring one of each.
Now that would be interesting!


  1. I ADORE your stork mug rugs!!! How cute and clever they are!! These would be great for a baby gift!!
    I love those little rooftops, with the smoke curling out of the chimneys!!
    Too dog-gone cute!!!


  2. These are sweet! Stork brings boys and crow brings girls. Obviously made up by someone who prefers boys, lol. As being two girls in our family my parents alwas told us that the girls are made out of love.