Wednesday 2 January 2013

Next in the Pecking Order .....

I completed the red bird as mentioned in my previous posting.  This time I constructed the beak from a separate unit and attached it pretty much as you would a hanging loop.
I constructed a brown triangle of fabric approximately 3/4" long and 3/4" wide.  I positioned this brown beak on the RIGHT side of one of the main sections making sure the beak was facing inward.  The beak was stitched in place when joining the two main sections together. 

I like this look and it was so much easier than my first method.  However, check out Susie's blog as she paper-pieced her yellow beak in place and it looks perfect.  Of course the pair of us are just being pedantic as this bird would look gorgeous if the beak was in the same fabric as the main body - exactly as the pattern states. 

I can't wait to see how your bird has turned out so please post to the Flickr group once it is finished.

Until next time ......


  1. Another beauty! It is so fun to see how our different fabric choices give each little birdie their own personality!
    I like your beak addition idea, too. I will try that the next time!


  2. Gasp.... I just thought about this...
    What if our bird pincushions become "The Trouble With Tribbles!"....
    Our houses will fill up with them!

    1. But what wonderful cosy nests our homes would become. I could live with plenty of these lovely birds. The pattern is excellent - good choose Susie.

  3. This is very cute! Love your fabrics :) I really must get a grip and catch up! LOL..
    Too funny Susie!