Monday, 19 November 2012

Across The Pond Sew Along - Week 2

I should entitle this post, week 2, 3 and 4 'coz I've finished the Anita Vacation bag.  I didn't mean to - it was just so easy.  The pattern looked quite long upon first glance but I soon realised that was due to the awesome tutorial style which in turn makes it a breeze to put together.  I sat down on Friday morning intending to cut out, do the base of the bag and the handles only.  Well, the cutting out took no time at all due to the clear instructions and the outside of the tote went together in minutes - including the pleat. 

I just kept on going and by lunch-time I was the proud owner of this beautiful tote bag - complete with inside zip pocket and inner divided pocket to take mobile phone, notepad and pens. 
I knew I was onto a winner with the handles - they were so easy to do yet look so professional.  Amy recommended a 'jeans' needle but I used an ordinary no. 12 machine needle - the one that was in my machine (I'm a lazy so-and-so).  It worked a treat.  Amy also recommended another two lines of stitching on the handles but I stuck with just three - the handles looked so good I was worried I might ruin them - can you believe that - me ruin something - NEVER (ahem!!).
This is only my third bag I've ever made and I think it is fair to say it is the only tote I will ever make again.  The simplicity of doing the bottom corners, the handles and the zip pocket made it so quick.  Even the side pleats matched up and I wasn't concentrating on those.  I took my bag out on Sunday, for coffee and cake, to celebrate and I received two comments on it in the coffee shop. 

So what can I say?  Across The Pond sew-along for the month of November - completed - in a morning.  I would like to say it was down to my incredible sewing skills ..... but I'd be lying.

I am devising the next pattern - a lovely placemat and napkin set.  The pattern will be ready for the 1st of December so you can make them in time for Christmas.  I am hoping it won't take anymore time to complete than Amy's wonderful pattern - but I can't guarantee it - I haven't made it yet.  This is just a little taster - it may end up in the placemat - it may not ..... as I say, I haven't made the pattern yet!
Sew can't stop and chat - got work to do.  


  1. Love your bag! You can use it year-round, too!
    And I can't wait for December for our next sew along !