Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sewing in the July Heat

The summer is here in England and we are enjoying wall-to-wall sunshine in Hampshire.  But even in the summer heat there is still time for a little stitching.  This week I have enjoyed Camille Roskelley's teaching in her 'Playful Piecing' Craftsy class. Even after a busy day, when I was too tired to cut straight, I still managed to whip up a lovely little pin cushion from five charm squares - thanks to Camille's easy-to-follow instructions. 

Playful Piecing Pincushion
It is nice to watch an easy class when it is too hot to iron and too hot to patch. 

And then there was July's block on the Wishes Quilt-Along.  In all honesty - not my favourite block.  I didn't enjoy making it as I am not a fan of bias cut triangles - but sometimes you just have to go with it.
Wishes Block 7 - Courthouse Lawn
And I'm glad I did.  The sewing was easy and the block turned out well. 

In the excitement of designing mug rugs I forgot to show you May and June's blocks, so here they are, along with the first four month's .....
Wishes Blocks 1 to 6
I think it will all come together well and it should be ready for quilting in the cold, wintery days of December.   Can you imagine that?  Me neither.

So what do you do when the thermometer rises and you want to spend time with your sewing machine? 


  1. Cute. Today I seen on TV underground trampoline in Wales. You should definitely go there as it is cool down there all year round. I don't think you can take your machine with you though.

  2. I have been in underground caves in Wales - where people lived, worked and played. They even had a church underground. But no sewing machine - that is one step too far!

  3. I didn't know you were doing the wish along! I really like the colors and blocks well done! I hate wasting triangles too. Pin cushion is darling! (I still haven't finished the class, I go to it when I am too tired for anything else)

  4. What an adorable pincushion! So eye-catching and the design is adorable. Your quilt will be a beauty, too. I love the July block - it looks like a dressed up Granny Square block.

  5. Ooooo , lots of eye candy today! I love your pincushion... it is so bright and cheerful! And the blocks in your Wishes Quilt are just gorgeous!! I love where you placed your colors.
    When it is very hot, I make an iced coffee and put the ceiling fan on high to sew... early in the morning is best!