Amendments to The Patchsmith's Sampler Quilt Blocks (PDF Version)

Amendments (June 2018)
PDF Version Only

You can download the most recent version of the book from your Craftsy pattern library which will be correct and up-to-date.  If you have printed the book there is no need to reprint as all the amendments are minor and can be noted on the relevant pages.  Click here for a printable PDF copy of these amendments.

Page 11 - Block 6 – cutting for piece C should read 5” x 3½”

Page 15 - Block 10 – cutting for piece F should read “Two 1¼” x 5” rectangles (fabric 3)” .

Page 19 - Block 12 – Paragraph 14 should read “ create a bottom unit measuring 5½” x 4½”.“

Page 34  - Block 29 – Paragraph 9 should read "measuring 6½” x 3.

Page 43 - Block 37 – Paragraph 4 should read “Using the (O) background square”.

Page 48 - Block 42 – The diagram has been corrected in step 1 to show the diagonal line running from the mark to the corner.

Page 58 - Block 50 – Paragraph 4 should read “place the (C) small sail square on the right-hand side of one of the (G) background rectangles.” 

Page 68 - The final cutting instructions should read "Two 6½” x 65½” (F) wide border strips".

A template for steam spirals was added for Block 49 - Tea-time.  The steam spirals are optional but should you wish to use the template you will need to print the template on page 67.

If you printed the pattern book before 10th March 2018 then these two amendments should also be noted (no action need for purchases after this date):
Page 52 - Block 45 (St Louis Star) – the diagram for paragraph 4 is correct but it should read “place a marked (E) background square onto the top left-hand corner”

Page 54 - Block 47 (Counterpane) – the cutting sizes and diagrams are correct but the letter sequencing in the pattern instructions is incorrect.  You will need to reprint this page if you have already printed the whole book but ONLY if you purchased the book prior to 10 March 2018.

Thank you for your encouragement and enthusiasm for this book and sew-along. 

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