Zakka Mini Block Quilt

Fabric requirements/cutting:
Linen:  Five 1½” x 9” strips for long sashing
            Ten 1¼” x 4½” strips for piecing
Mixed Cotton Fabrics:  Ten 1½” x 4½” strips for piecing

For the back:  
Linen:             9½” x 2½” rectangle
Dark Cotton:  One 2½” square and one 2½” x 6½” rectangle
Light Cotton:  6½” x 9½” rectangle

1.         Sew a linen 1¼” x 4½” strip to each of the cotton 1½” x 4½” strip along the 4½” length to give a unit measuring 2¼ ” x 4½”.

2.         Cut each unit into three 2¼” x 1½” blocks.
3.         Decide on your arrangement of blocks.  Note you need one single 1½” cotton square at the end of each row which can be achieved by unpicking one of the linen/cotton blocks created above. 

4.         Stitch the rows of cotton and linen together, alternating linen sashing with the patched strips as per the Zakka Block Quilt in the book Zakka Style (compiled by Rashida Coleman-Hale).  Trim the linen sashing to size. 
5.         Construct the backing as instructed in the book using the sized pieces detailed above.
6.         Quilt and bind as desired.

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