Spinning Pumpkin Block and Runner PDF

The Spinning Pumpkin Block can be viewed from any angle so it is the perfect block for a quilt, pillow, table runner or table topper.  I have included a pattern to turn three of these blocks into a lovely, colourful table runner on the PDF download for this block.
Feel free to download this pattern for personal use only.  However, this pattern is not to be distributed or sold.  You can make items to sell from this pattern provided the items are handmade by you and you credit The Patchsmith for the design. No mass production allowed. 


  1. This is really cute! Thank you for posting it.

  2. Hi! I made two blocks ! I love them! One will stay here and the other will fly to the States , to Minnesota (Bemidgi) where my best Friend Marcia will be surprised to get it ! Thank you again for sharing ! I love your web site, your patterns ..
    You can see the blocks I made on my blog
    : www. nanoupatch.fr They are not finished,I have to quilt them , tomorrow !!