Saturday, 8 October 2016

Cozy Cocoa Mug Rug

Another week and another Cozy Christmas block in the Cozy Christmas sew-along.

I am using the blocks to make mug rugs using quick-fuse applique and I thought I might share a few tips for this block if you are also using the same method. 

Firstly I wanted my cup more ‘mug shaped’ so I traced around shape B18 onto the paper-side of my fusible webbing.  I then measured ¼” in from either side at the top and drew a straight light down until it met the sides. 

Don’t you think it looks more mug-like this way?

Lori’s stitch-and-turn applique method used bias binding for the handle (details over at Bee-in-my-bonnet) but as I am using quick-fuse it was simple enough to create a handle shape and trace it.  (Click HERE if you want the handle shape).

To create the mug I cut three rectangles 5” x 4½”; 5” x 1” and 5” x 1½”.  I stitched them together to create a mug patch measuring 5" x 6":

For my marshmallows I used white felt and shape B1 so they look fluffy just like marshmallows.

Once the mug applique was done all I was left to do was decide which sidebar from my One Block Mug Rug Patterns book I would use.  It didn’t take long to choose a crisp ‘Columns’ sidebar in candy stripes. 
The Columns Sidebar from my One Block Mug Rug Book
And there we have it – another Christmas mug rug ready and waiting for the festive season.  Until next time .....................


  1. Beautiful Amanda! Love the fabrics you chose for this mug rug! Christine x

  2. How adorable is this cozy cocoa mug! I love: your marshmallows, and your easy method for making the mug, and your cute sidebar addition!! I am so enjoying your sew along blocks, Amanda!