Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Zakka Toys - Week 19

This week’s project, the ‘sweet sugar cookie sack’ was designed with children in mind.  It is an easy make – a simple bag with a set of six felt cookies. 

The bag is quick to make and quite deep but it is not lined and has no fastener.  The design uses an unattached tie to close the bag - a point picked up on by the blog host, Jen at Bettycrockerass.  It would only be a matter of time before the tie was lost and the fibrefill (or rags) would be all over the playroom floor.  Jen remedied this situation by fixing elastic around the the bag - I stuck with the tie because I was never gonna fill this bag with rags!!

In the book, the bag is accompanied by six felt cookies decorated with felt icing and little beads. However, as I intended to give this project to my little niece I was somewhat concerned that if my niece pretends to eat the cookies the beads may detach.   So I whipped up a pattern and made five little gingerbread girls instead.  And just to add another dimension I decided to appliqué each gingerbread girl with one letter from my niece’s name:   
‘M’ is for Monday – Zakka Monday to be precise.  It is the 19th week in this Zakka Style sew along.
‘E’ is for embroidery but not enjoyment.  I hate embroidering but I stuck to the pattern and embroidered the front patch.  All I could manage was to complete the design in little stitches of different colour threads.  ('E' could also stand for EYE - as in wonky - but I like to think of it as a characteristic - or is she winking at the gingerbread man - the little floozy!)
‘G’ is for gingerbread and gift – this sack is large enough to hold a child-size rolling pin, cutter, ingredients, recipe card and icing decorations.   What a lovely gift for a child (though I may have to replace the floozy with a less brazen gingerbread girl).
‘A’ is for angel - my own cross-stitch design which I added to the back of the sack.  I got the idea from Amy’s wonderful ‘linen bag’ in Week 17.

‘N’ is for Nana Company – the designer of this week’s project.
Which gives us Megan - the most beautiful girl in my village - if not the whole wide world.   

I am thinking the gingerbread girls would make lovely bunting (with or without the name).  They would also make good Christmas decorations for the tree in which case I may replace the feet with buttons or beads - watch this space. 

Wow, I  won the fat quarter pack from the Zakka draw last week - thanks Lindsey.  Also the designer of last week’s project made my Flickr bread basket photo a favourite – am really chuffed.  All-in-all it is gonna be a good week.  No more so because I have a man in my life – shame he is made of gingerbread and wont be around for long ..... oh and he only has one leg ..... oh no, he is legless already – sounds like my usual type of date!

Until next week .......


  1. Congratulations on winning the Zakka draw, and for getting the favorite bread basket!!
    These gingerbread girls in the bag are just adorable ! Your niece will just love them! Made with such love and charm and imagination... and it shows with every stitch!!

  2. This is so cute! And congratulations on your win

  3. You've made this one oh-so-sweet, as always! I love the letters on them, and the cross-stitch design on the bag is so cute! Fun!!!

  4. Congrats on winning the bread basket. Love to have them.. This dolls are so cute. Seeing them makes me smile already

  5. This post made me giggle...you do have some fun! I can;t wait to see what you will do with those gorgeous Monsterz fabrics that you won. Once again you lead us out on Zakka Monday!

  6. Well done on your win last week - and this week's ake is adorable.

  7. Well done on a well deserved win.
    I love your take on the bag and those gingerbread girls/the whole idea is lovely.

  8. I love your variation on this project, what a great idea!

  9. Thank you everybody - it is just a bit of fun. I thought it might help my niece learn to spell her name but truth be told she will most probably be very happy putting the dolls in and out of the sack.

  10. SO happy for your win last week -- and maybe a little jealous too... :) I absolutely LOVE what you've done with the project this week!