Friday, 28 November 2014

Patchsmith's Christmas Mug Rugs in Paperback

Good news – the Patchsmith’s Christmas Mug Rugs is now available in paperback.

More good news for all USA readers – Amazon are giving a 5% discount on this product – just click Patchsmith’s Christmas Mug Rugs USA (or the picture above) for details.  They also have an extra 30% off any one book up until the end of November 2014 (details on their website).

Even more good news if you live in the UK – Amazon have free P&P on this book – just click Patchsmith’s Christmas Mug Rugs UK (or the picture below) for details.

If you prefer instant availability then you will want the Craftsy PDF edition – available for immediate automatic download from my Craftsy Pattern Store (along with all Patchsmith downloadable patterns).

And remember - the Patchsmith's Christmas Mug Rugs are not just for Christmas - many of the patterns will work all year round.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Relax with Row 3 of the Nordic Mini Quilt Along

Time is in such short supply for everybody but, when you have Thanksgiving and Christmas within a month of each other, the minutes seem to tick by much faster.  But it is still possible to find time for a little bit of pure-pleasure sewing.   If anything, it is essential at this time of the year to find an hour or two – just you and your sewing machine.   
There's still time for some fun with the Crafty Quilter
And the Nordic Mini QAL from the Crafty Quilter is just the thing if you are looking for relaxation in amongst little rows of patchwork pleasure.

Row 1 was a teeny-tiny (under 5") patchwork block .....

Then we gaggled some geese for a chevron row ......

before slicing and dicing a set of on-point patch blocks for row 3 .....

Julie’s method for making the four-patch blocks and getting them to line up perfectly is so easy and foolproof.   

The fabric I have chosen has a touch of grey in it which I am hoping will blend nicely with the grey that is yet-to-come. 

Just one more row before I decide the final order of the rows.  Sew until then .......

Sunday, 23 November 2014

A Gaggle of Geese stop by the Nordic Mini Quilt Sew Along

Patchsmith Rows 1 and 2 of the Nordic Mini QAL.
I saw a flock of flying geese heading south over Farlington Marshes yesterday.  And today I have seen another flock of geese sitting on my workdesk – fourteen of them all in a row - row 2 of the Nordic Mini quilt-along is a chevron row of geese.  
Julie provides an excellent tutorial on how to make the geese quickly and easily.  However, I like things quicker and easier, so my geese are 3D flying geese.  It all starts with a goose sandwich.....
One Goose Sandwich
I love this method as I only need stitch one seam per goose. 
A Gaggle of Geese - just one seam each.
And when I’ve pressed the backs I can see clearly where the points are.  
I can see easily where the points are when stitching the blocks together.
This is so helpful for stitching two geese together into one chevron.   
Two geese - one chevron.
We all have our favourite method of gaggling our geese but if you want to give 3D flying geese a go then here is a 3D FLYING GEESE PDF print out to help you on your way. 

I am looking forward to the next row later this week, but for now I must get on with my last two Patchique blocks.   

Sew until next time .................