Saturday, 10 December 2016

Twelve Mug Rugs of Christmas - Day Two - Reindeer Mug Rug

Day 2 of the Patchsmith's 'Twelve Mug Rugs of Christmas' and the Reindeer are out to play.

Of course Patchsmith Reindeer are not just for mug rugs - they also works well on bags, pouches, cutlery pockets or card.

 The Reindeer Mug Rug is available as an individual pattern at only $1.99.  You will also find it in the Patchsmith's Christmas Mug Rugs pattern book -  both available for immediate download from my 
(The Christmas Mug Rugs book is also available in paperback format from Amazon.)

Friday, 9 December 2016

Twelve Mug Rugs of Christmas - Day One - Christmas Wreath

I’m kicking off my 12 Mug Rugs of Christmas with a simple Christmas Wreath mug rug from my One Block Mug Rugs pattern book.

Mug rugs make the perfect gift for sending through the post - they are light to send and can be folded to fit into a medium sized envelope.

The One Block Mug Rugs pattern book lets you mix-and-match ANY 6" block with ten easy sidebar designs to create a fun and functional mug rug mini quilt.  
(Also available in paperback format from Amazon.)

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Farmer’s Wife 1930's Quilt Blocks 83, 84, 85 and 87

Block 87 - Prudence rejigged (see notes below)

It is a while since I posted any Farmer's Wife 1930s blocks so here are another four blocks .....

Block 83 – Poppy.  This block was a lot of work and took two evenings to complete.  The notes in my book suggest it is easier if you take the paper-piecing papers off prior to joining the sections.
Block 83 - Poppy
Block 84 – Posy.  I changed the template everso slightly in order to eradicate eight ‘Y’ inset seams making the red crossbars straight at the ends rather than pointed.  I also couldn’t understand why the paper-piecing templates had fussy itty-bitty corner triangles making up the corner squares – there was no need when a small square would work equally well (see the solid red corner squares in the photo).
Block 84 - Posy
Block 85 – Primrose.  What a lovely block for using up some of the scraps left over from all the other blocks.  Notes in book read “went together fine using my 1½” scraps”.
Block 85 - Primrose

Block 87 – Prudence.  “My advice when paper-piecing this block according to the book – DON’T DO IT.”  I first made this block using the templates in the book - what a nightmare!   So I redid Prudence by patching a nine-patch centre with four corner half-square triangles (tip:  make your HST bigger and trim them down to size).  I then taped the paper-piece templates together as indicated by the red lines on the diagram below.  So much easier.
NOTE:  this diagram is for illustration purposes only and is not to size – you need to print the templates that come with the book. 

You can see the difference when the two blocks are placed side-by-side (click on the photo to see a bigger image).
Block 87 Prudence
(Left using templates - Right using my changes)
There are still a few more blocks to blog about which I hope to do before the end of the year.  To see all the blocks together just click on the 'Farmer's Wife' tab above or visit my Farmer's Wife Pinterest board.  

Until next time ......