Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Farmers Wife 1920 Blocks 9 & 10

Block 10 - Bowtie

I was working with blue fabrics this week and it carried over into my Farmer’s Wife 1920s blocks. But I wasn’t blue making these blocks – they were both very, very simple. The first was paper-pieced and the second was patched.

Block 9 – Box
Block 9 - Box

My notes state that I “combined the pieces of the paper-piecing chart to reduce the number of seams”.  If you want to do the same the easiest way is just to glue the templates together.  On the top and bottom sections start with the background triangle (white fabric in my block) as paper-piece 1 and stitch the additional pieces to either side.  On the middle segment make the center paper-piece 1 and add the two background triangles to either side.  Try it - you'll find it makes this block really simple to paper-piece.

Block 10 – Bowtie
I made this block back in November 2013 and my notes for that time state “After work – very tired – fave colours”. And here is that block.

This week I patched a softer version (see top of blog) and my notes state “Easy – 15 minutes maximum”. 
Tip: The secret to getting those points to match perfectly is to press the top left and bottom right seams away from the quick corners and then press the top right and bottom left seams towards the quick corners as shown:
Press your quick corner seams in opposite directions to help when nesting the points

And hopefully you will end up with points to be proud of..... 
Points match up perfectly.

Come back next week for another two blocks - I can't guarantee they will be as quick and easy but hopefully they should be just as pretty.  Until then ......

Monday, 17 September 2018

Patchsmith Sampler Block 29 - Picnic Basket

Block 29 - Picnic Basket
Everybody should have at least one picnic basket, complete with lining and now you can – with Block 29 ‘Picnic Basket’.

This is a relatively easy block to patch with just a few quick corners. Some of the quick corners are small (top of the handle) but the process is the same.
Pretty Floral Basket

Tip: To help match up the lining points (step 4 of the pattern) press the quick corners on the middle section of the lining towards the lining fabric and the corners on the other two sections away from the lining as indicated by the arrows below.
Press as per the arrows to create sharp points

If you want to add an extra dimension to this block you can create a patchwork basket from two different fabrics.
Block 29 in Patchwork

In this case you will need to cut six 1½” squares and three 1” squares from two different fabrics.   Patch the basket using the twelve 1½” squares.  To create the lining section you need to position your 1” squares so that the patchwork of the basket continues into the corners of the lining (Steps 3 and 4 of the pattern.)  The easiest way is to lay it out on your desk before stitching.
Continue the patchwork into the lining rectangles

Of course you could always turn your picnic basket into a Halloween basket or Christmas basket depending on the fabrics you choose. No matter how you make it, I look forward to seeing your baskets over on Instagram (#block29picnicbasket) or in the Flickr group.  

And you can find all the blocks, together with the tutorials HERE. Until next time .....

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Farmer's Wife 1920s Quilt Blocks 7 & 8

Block 7 – Birds-in-the-Air
Block 7 - Birds in the Air
My notes in the Farmer’s Wife book state “Very pretty in scraps but what a lot of work for a little block.” I paper-pieced two versions of this block – the one above in co-ordinated scraps and another really scrappy version below. I prefer the former.
A very scrappy Birds-in-the-Air

Block 8 – Bouquet
Block 8 - Bouquet
Quite simply “very pretty block to paper-piece”. There is also a note from 2013 which states "Easy to patch".

So there you have it - another two blocks - one quick and easy and one a lot of work - but both very pretty.  Until next week.