Sunday, 27 January 2013

Time for Fun

No matter how busy life gets it is important we carve some time for FUN.  It has been an incredibly busy week for the Patchsmith.  Firstly there was the QuiltingGallery Mug Rug Swap registration and sign ups (be quick to join in – registration ends 28 January 2013) then there was the Craftsy blog feature – what a wonderful team those Craftsy lot are. Then Craft Gossip checked in on the Quick Fuse Applique blog from last week and finally I uploaded a new pattern – Love Hearts Mug Rug.  Phew!
Photo courtesy of Moda Bakeshop
But I have still managed to fit in a couple of extra things – or should I say the promise of extra things.  On my Pinterest board I have had the Herringbone pot holder by Melanie Dramatic on my board since before Christmas.  Well I am pleased to say I made this super little pattern this weekend but instead of a pot holder I have made it into a little wall quilt.  It is now hanging above my worktable next to the Heart Bouquet mug rug/wall quilt and another mini quilt I will be releasing in the Spring.
The pattern is free and uses charm squares (one pack of 5" charm squares will make four pot holders).  I used The Ladies Stitching Club charm pack from Moda which, on reflection is too busy for the pattern - a bit too much 'in-your-face' for me as the herringbone gets lost in amongst all that colour.  The charm pack didn't seem so bright when laid out but in this pattern - well it is just too manic and I don't think anybody would want this much colour in their kitchen! 

Photo courtesy of Moda
Next time I make this – and there will be a next time – I will use fabrics that contrast a bit more.  I also found that once I quilted the 10” square and trimmed it, I was left with 9½” block but that is plenty big enough for a dolls quilt, mini wall quilt or pot holder.  

To hang this mini quilt I used the 'fast finish triangles' from the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative.  I am going to use this method for all my mini quilts in future.  Two 3" squares were folded in half to make triangles and these were added to the back of the quilt before binding.  I cut a chopstick down to size and used that to hang the quilt from two small tacks in the wall - perfect.
The second thing I have done this week is to enrol in the Free Motion Quilting class at Craftsy. I have free motion quilted before (the lap quilt in my lounge is squiggle-quilted and I have added small amounts of free motion quilting on my mug rugs) but I lack confidence.  So I am going to set aside a little time each week and improve my skills.  I will keep you up-to-date and post pictures of how I get on.  If you want to join me then why not jump onboard.  Who knows, I may add more quilting to my Across the Pond sew along makes.  Talking of which a new project will be coming up very shortly – if you didn’t get a chance to make the bird pincushion (super little pattern) then think about jumping onboard in February.  Just click on the tab above or here 

Better go – I have a blog to write on Mug Rug Swap Etiquette for the Quilting Gallery mug rug swap.  Sew until next time .......  


  1. I love your Herringbone wall hanging! It is so cheerful... it will help brighten up any rainy day on your wall!

    And I also want to try to venture into more fmq this comng year.

    Another pretty project, Miss Patchsmith!


  2. Great post Amanda! I got lost a few times by clicking your links but made it back ;) Loved the article on Craftsy Blog! Also, we are both on the same Free Machining Course. Your herringbone quilt looks pretty cute to me :) Lovely and cheery. You have a lot going on and still have time to stitch!! And of course, another little darling mug rug :) You're amazing!!

  3. This is SO lovely! )Sorry it's taken me forever to get over here. I had not realized my incoming link checker was broken.) thanks for making it! I also just posted about the quilt that I made from the block. :-)