Monday, 14 January 2013

Pattern Update

14th January 2013 UPDATE
I have updated the
Tea and Cake, Scottie Dogs
and Red Elephant mug rug patterns
to bring these early patterns in line
with the new pattern format
introduced in September 2012. 
Only the format has changed - the patterns have not changed. Therefore, there is no need to reprint them if you have the earlier version - unless you want to.


  1. I really like your formats!
    I know exactly what I need and how to put it together with a Patchsmith pattern!

  2. Your rugs are adorable! I just joined a quilting club and we have a show coming up in April and we each have to make 15 mug rugs to give as gifts to all the people who come to the show. They will be just basic with no applique, but I may make a few extra like yours to sell. I had never heard of mug rugs until last week! They're great!

    1. 15 mug rugs!!! What a lot. Now that you've discovered them you may find them addictive because they are so much fun to make and they use those scraps that we hate to throw away. And I am sure they will sell well once made up. So good luck with the show and please let me know how it goes.