Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Patchsmith Star

Winter is truly upon us and with it comes the crisp winter nights when the sky is full of hundreds of stars.   I cannot conceive the distance between them and me but when they twinkle they seem to be twinkling just for me.  In reality they are twinkling for all of us here on earth because it is the shifting layers of air around the earth that makes the starlight appear to blink. 
I have always wanted a star named after me so I decided I had better make it happen - literally.  Hence my latest pattern - the Patchsmith Star mug rug and just like me it is quite simple (I was going to say 'easy' but .... well .... I just didn't want to be inundated with offers!!!).  I love all the paper-pieced stars around at the moment but they require matching of seams and can be quite expensive in terms of time and fabric wastage.  The Patchsmith Star on the other hand is appliqued in place and is very thrifty as you can use those itty-bitty scraps of favourite fabrics that you just can't bear to throw away.
The pattern comes with three options for the sidebar - the horizontal strip which is quick and simple; the checker board version which requires a little bit of seam matching and the pinwheel version for all you practising patchsmiths.  I like all three versions, so much so that I am going to make another couple to give to male colleagues for their desks at work.  But which version - the quick, strip, patchsmith?  Mmm .... perhaps I should ask the audience!


  1. Hello, Another GREAT Mug Rug design to add to my collection!!

    I like the Applique with the horizontal sidebar..

    Linda J
    Still waiting to hear about the Mug Rug Swap...

    1. Thanks Linda - I like that one too.
      Michele is working through the registrations for the mug rug swap but she received over 300 last weekend and it will take a little while to get through them. She will send you a registration email and when you get it you will need to email her to let her know that you have received it. Hope this helps. I know you will enjoy making and receiving the two lovely mug rugs.

  2. Love this one!! I like all 3 options, will definitely be trying this out myself! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. LOVE the sidebar options! You can make what you are in the "mood" for , or have time for, or need to practice!
    This star is just beautiful!

    You are already a STAR in the quilting world!!


  4. Another FABULOUSLY designed mug rug to add to my collection too ;))
    Thank you Amanda :)