Friday, 7 December 2012

Stripping ..... again

Would you believe I had trouble with Facebook and a comment I posted?   I am guessing the answer would be 'YES' if you followed my previous post about my strip search.  I uploaded a notice about my latest mug rug pattern - the Honey Bee mug rug.  All I said was "this pattern uses a quick strip applique method and it doesn't involve taking your clothes off" (which it doesn't by the way) and Facebook vetted my post and wouldn't release it until they had checked it out.

On reflection though, it is most probably a good thing - could you imagine the things that could be posted about?  No - don't even think about that - think nice thoughts - like bees buzzing around flowers in summer gardens or thick dollops of honey in lemon tea or .... even better ..... honey in a shot of whisky topped up with a splash of hot water - delicious.
Gotta go, but check back here on Sunday for details about the Quilting Gallery Blog Hop party - the Patchsmith has a give-away.

Sew until then .......


  1. Love the new pattern, it's gorgeous, cant wait to have a go. Well done another fantastic pattern. Ideal for Spring. I love the thought of changing my mug rug's on my desk to bring the different seasons into the office.

  2. What a cute pattern! You crack me up....stripping and whiskey all in one post. You are my kind of gal. LOL

  3. Only a quilter/piecer doesn't have dirty thoughts when they hear the word "stripping" :-)
    Love your mug rugs!

  4. LOL, You are so funny! Love your new pattern, so cute and with promise of summer..

  5. LOVE the new pattern! It is so cute.

  6. Your newest mug rug is just BEE-utiful!!
    You are such a wild gal... good thing your sewing machine keeps you out of trouble!!