Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas at Patchsmith Palace

Patchsmith Palace is decked out in it's seasonal glory - want a peek?  Well it just so happens that my employer has popped out to purchase more fabric ("more? you want more?").  I suspect we will all be getting a fat quarter for our Christmas bonus again this year and I don't even sew - but enough of my moaning ....come along now, no dawdling, let us pop in and see what the Palace looks like? 
I see there are a few regulars here and the first thing you'll notice is that the Beehive wall quilt has been replaced with Relaxed Santa in the hall for a cheery Christmas welcome. 
You will glance another santa in the corner of the lounge.  The red of his coat matches the red of the poinsettia.  Yes madam, that is one of the Patchsmith's many, many, many (yawn) mug rugs under the poinsettia but not one of her own designs.
On the coffee table the autumn runner has been replaced with a design from Tilda.  Please do not put your coffee cup on it though - I've had to escort many a person from the palace for just such an offence.
The Patchsmith loves designing and creating but she also makes time to try out patterns from other designers. 
This runner is an adaptation from Tilda's 'Crafting Christmas Gifts' book.  As you can see the reindeer are cute but not as cute as the little elf hiding under all the presents.
If you turn to your left you will see a little tree nestled on the bookcase.  Unfortunately it isn't a real tree as the Patchsmith is allergic to pine needles - they make her come out in profanity.  She did explain once, when she stood on a pine needle stuck in the carpet but I didn't quite understand due to the string of expletives. I wanted to shock her with an epi-pen straight to the heart but the cook warned me that against it.   The gingham hearts add a lovely home-made touch don't you think? 
LADIES!!! Please, put those chocolates back on the tree - they are solely for the Patchsmith. 
Moving on .... if you look at the coffee table you will see that the autumnal coasters have been replaced with the Patchsmith's own Christmas robin coasters and if you glance up in the nook you will see an early Patchsmith quiltie - from 2004 sporting the same robin design.   The Patchsmith often uses a strip piecing method of applique - she says it's quick and easy leaving her more time for shopping for fabric although it very nearly landed her in trouble with the law recently!
Next to the clock is the Patchsmith's latest pattern - a heart shaped coaster that also doubles as a wall hanging.  She seems taken with hearts at the moment; she even added one to her Christmas wishlist but I don't hold out much hope - I've been praying she gets one for years! 
As we pass the kitchen look out for the little handmade band on the servant's tea caddy - this is another example of a very early Patchsmith creation. 
The servants are often given the Patchsmith's cast-offs once she has no further use for them.  Like this Zakka pot holder which the cook now uses for the salt and pepper pots.
We did have a snowman biscuit barrel last year but out generous ladyship confiscated it when she caught me and the cleaner, Beth sharing a ginger cookie.  She said that if we were going to be greedy and not make one cookie do all the staff then nobody would have any.  However, I do know the biscuit barrel wasn't thrown out - it's up in the workshop.  I would take you up and show it to you but unfortunately the Patchsmith has taken to locking the door following somebody moving her most precious mug rug on our last tour - she doesn't miss a thing that nosey old ba...., ahem, I mean that observant, dear old lady. But gather round, I have a photo of it which Beth took when she was dusting as a reminder of her first love (the snowman that is - not me unfortunately!). 
We'd better be making a move, the Patchsmith will be back soon.  As we pass the coat stand be sure to look up and see the little stocking garland hanging there.
Please feel free to leave a donation to the servants Christmas party in any of the stockings on your way out ..... why thank-you sir, a whole penny, how very generous - are you related perchance to my employer, the Patchsmith?


  1. What a fun tour! And I know what you mean with not putting a tea or coffee cup on the light part of a runner. Beware! It always gives family members a shock when I see them doing it. I protect my projrcts LOL.
    So, are there more FQs in the home now?

  2. You are too funny lol!... I thoroughly enjoyed the read :) Love all your wonderful Christmas decor :) Ellyx

  3. I love The Patchsmith's decorations and the tour! The mini stockings are sweet, too!

    (You always make me laugh and smile when I read your blog!)