Monday, 1 October 2012

Turquoise Houses

Turquoise houses with flower roofs – really?  Do you remember the Yarn of the Red Elephants?  At the end I told you I had an incoming idea of turquoise houses.  Well today that idea became a reality with my latest pattern, the House and Home mug rug.  This pattern is ultra versatile because the applique works well by hand or machine and the patched block can be fully patched or half-patched.  And if you do the half-patch block you then have the option of appliquéing the word ‘home’ on the top part of the block (in felt or fabric) or free-style quilting it on. 
If you didn’t want to patch at all you could make two house blocks and have them side-by-side – this option would make a good ‘welcome’ gift for a new neighbour – I wouldn’t put hearts for smoke though, not unless the neighbour was hunky, sexy and looked like Brad Pitt.   For a non-Brad-Pitt-neighbour I would just have the smoke swirling between the two houses.   I’m keeping my turquoise house mug rug though because I can honestly announce to the world “I am now the proud owner of a turquoise house”.  How many people could say that and not be thought mad?    

If you make this pattern please post a picture of it in the Patchsmith Patterns Flickr group.  Check out the Flickr group though because Simone de Klerk has added her beautiful autumn table runner to the pictures.  Simone used the Pumpkin Patch mug rug pattern to craft the ends of her cool table runner which just goes to show that it isn’t just houses that are versatile – there is so much you can do with a pumpkin.  Check out Simone's blog – the autumn colours are awesome.
 Today is the start of the Patchsmith Pattern Give-away – check here for details.  It is running from 1st to 14th October 2012 and ties in with my Glorious Autumn Block which will be released on Thursday 4th October.

p.s. Amy Made That’s latest post features a lime house with a turquoise door – it is nice to know there is another person just like me alive and well and living in the world – I just need to hunt them down and make their house mine!!!
But until then I had better go – I need to paint Patchsmith Palace before the light fades!

p.s. Don't forget to come back Thursday for the free pattern and a chance to win fabric, buttons, ribbons and a real, live Patchsmith spider!!


  1. Almost done with my little cottage... and will post it on your Flickr page! This was so much fun to make!!


    1. Well I will get there someday. I like your cottage and pumpkin. I just don't know where you find the time to do all that you do!!!!

  2. Such a sweet cottage, and your pattern gives us all a chance to make our own dream house! Can't wait to try this one!

  3. Gorgeous house, I have always had a thing for turquiose.