Monday, 15 October 2012

Mug Rug Addict goes Cold Turkey

I have just got back from my sister’s where I spent the weekend.  Whilst staying there I had an unfortunate accident (okay, I am guessing you are not shocked at this news if you have followed my other mishaps!).  My sister had just purchased a new oak table and I scratched it quite badly with the sewing machine whilst changing a bobbin (don’t ask how – I just did).  Anyway my sister said that I could make something to cover it up and she cheekily suggested a full-size bed quilt.  Out of generosity I offered to make her a coaster which sparked a flurry of negotiations.  She next suggested a lap quilt and I retaliated with a mug rug until finally we agreed upon a table topper.  Hence the Thanksgiving Turkey Table Topper - the latest addition to the Patchsmith’s Pattern shop. 
This little treasure measures 22” x 22” so it is perfect for all sizes of table – even round ones.  However, my sister decided to make the pattern her own by replacing the turkeys with bright yellow flowers.  I have to say her version looks very nice and I am sure she will post it on the Patchsmith’s flickr group soon.  It also meant I could keep my table topper and I could start work on my Christmas mug rug pattern rather than make a full-size quilt to cover a 1” scratch! 
This got me thinking about what makes a good pattern?  For me it is should be easy-to-follow, quick to put together and versatile - a pattern that I can add my own touch to.  So when Amy from Amy Made That asked me to test her newest Tumbler Mug Rug pattern I was delighted at the chance to put The Patchsmith’s stamp of approval on it.  Amy’s pattern is a tutorial style pattern, full of photos and handy hints.  Her work is elegant and professional (she even binds her mug rugs by machine!)  My style is more country and handmade and I have yet to bind by machine, preferring to slip-stitch my binding in place by hand - I will follow Amy’s free tutorial on machine binding one day but there is comfort in familiarity.  The tumbler pattern is such a good pattern for a mug rug – you can alter the size of the tumblers or the size of the mug rug if you wish.  Amy’s pattern recommended a plastic Dresden template but also detailed how to create a cardboard template of your own.  I made my own template as per her instructions which meant I could alter the length of the tumbler if I wanted. 
Amy quilted her mug rug using ¼” straight-line stitching so I replicated this look by shadow quilting round the flower on the rainbow mug rug.  I love the look – it is country, trendy and funky all-in-one - hands off the cuppa-tea - it's mine - oh and the mug rug is mine also! 
But of course, it didn’t have gingham in it and therefore, I had to make another mug rug (no I am not an addict - just a thorough pattern tester).  This time I used one of my favourite colours of the year – red.  I added a heart and hey-presto – country charm.  (This one is mine also!)
Whilst I was at it I made one final one using the full size Dresden and I made it reversible.  But unfortunately I can’t show you it because it is for somebody’s Christmas box by way of a thank-you for a lovely mug rug pattern!

I have added my mug rugs to the Flickr group for the Handcrafted Holiday Sew Along.  It is week 3 and there are some fabulous prizes up for grabs.  Fingers crossed eh?

Talking of prizes – my Glorious Autumn goodie pack was won by Chokkaholic Anonymous – I am sure they have a  real name and I have emailed them for their details so that I can send them the goodies.  Chokkaholic named the spider Bertie which is a derivative of my Grandpa’s name so it seemed only fitting that they should own the little critter and the goodies which come with him.
But don’t worry if you didn’t win this time.  I am sure to have other give-aways – after all I am nothing if not generous (not to mention modest).
Sew until next time .......


  1. You get an A+ for your work in pattern testing! I love the rainbow garden, complete with a Violet flower! I also "heart" the gingham one so much! Sigh...I can't wait to see the secret version, too! ;)

  2. Oh, such pretty work you have created this past weekend at your sister's house! I just love how you use the pattern, and add the touches that make them so pretty and unique, and your style shines through them!


  3. Your negotiations made me laugh...but great that your sister made her own version as well. It is a darn cute pattern for a topper.