Sunday, 28 October 2012

Blackbirds Mug Rug

Sometimes a pattern just goes together quickly and easily – it just flows.  So it was with the latest addition to the Patchsmith Pattern Shop – the Blackbirds mug rug. 
The inspiration for this mug rug is a sewing machine cover I am working on.  I loved the look of the birds carrying a heart so much that I thought it would be great to have it on a mug rug to use on my desk at work.  On the sewing machine cover I have used two small buttons for eyes as the birds are bigger but this wouldn’t work on a mug rug as it would make an uneven surface for a mug.
I am still working on my freestyle quilting and practised the four-petal flowers in the top and bottom border on both mug rugs.  You can’t really see it on the pink patterned fabric but it shows up lovely on the turquoise one.  Sometimes my quilting looks perfect and other times not-so-much.  But I am not looking for factory quality preferring instead a handmade item that I can keep or give away so I am happy to keep on practising.
 I made two of these mug rugs; one in turquoise and lilac and another in red and pink.  I find batch-making quick to do.  It takes only a little more time to cut for two mug rugs than it does for one and when the sewing is done in sequence, as I tend to do, both are stitched at the same time.
The trouble is I like both of them so much I cannot chose which to give away so I have decided the turquoise one has turned out so pretty that I will use it on my dressing table to hold my perfume bottles and the red one I will take to work with me.  Why not leave me a comment and tell me which you prefer.
Sew until next time .......  


  1. I really like them both, but I think I would go for the red/pink one. So sweet!

  2. both mug rugs are so dawgone cute, and i love red! But, the turquoise one is so bright and perky that it lifts up my spirits -- that's the one i'd pick! good job!

  3. They are both lovely but my favourite is the red and pink one!

  4. I would normally have gone for turquoise as it is my favourite colour but the red/pink is really pretty. You are so good at matching fabrics and I think your quilting is just right.

  5. Both are so cute and happy. I can't wait to see your new sewing machine cover next!

  6. Turquoise and lilac is my favorite, but it was really close because they are both adorable!!!

  7. I love the turquoise one, anything in aqua makes me happy as it is such a positive colour.

  8. i absolutely love the blackbirds holding the heart!! I see a lot of fun mugs ahead , using this pattern! The checked material for their bodies is so delightful!!

    Love this new pattern!!