Downloading and Printing PDF Patterns

Hexden Mug Rug

How to download a pattern from Craftsy
Any pattern purchased from Craftsy is automatically saved into your Craftsy Pattern Library.  

To find your Pattern Library: -
On any Craftsy screen click on your person icon in the top right-hand corner and select ‘Pattern Library’.  (There is also a down arrow by the side which you can click on.)  Your pattern library is where you should find every pattern you have ever purchased.

To download a pattern from Craftsy: -
Just click on the pattern arrow and the pattern will begin to download.    You will know it is downloading as a box will appear at the bottom left-hand side of your screen with the name of the pattern - once the pattern has downloaded click on this box and the pattern will open in a separate window.
IMPORTANT:  The pattern is opening in your computer browser and not in your PDF reader.  Do not print the pattern from this page as it will use your browser settings and not your PDF reader settings and may not print correctly.  You should save the pattern first and then open the saved edition to print (see below).

To save a pattern: -
You should see a download button (an arrow with a line underneath) in the top right-hand corner - click on it to save your pattern.  Save the pattern to a file on your computer where you can find it again easily (I have a folder entitled ‘Craftsy Patterns’).  

Very occasionally a file may not download correctly from Craftsy.  If this happens just download it again from your Pattern Library.   If it still doesn’t work then you should contact the pattern designer by using the 'contact' button underneath the pattern in your library.  Alternatively you can find the designer contact email on your Paypal confirmation email.

To print a pattern: -
To view and print PDF files you will need Adobe reader which can be downloaded free from Adobe.   (Alternatively you can use a different PDF reader.)  It is important that you open the pattern from the saved copy on your computer as this pattern will open in your PDF reader.
Tip:  Never print PDF files from your browser – always open the file and print from within a PDF reader.  

When printing patterns it is important that they are printed to the correct size - you will find a reminder on the front of every Patchsmith pattern for you to print to "actual size" (sometimes referred to as set scaling to ‘none’). 

To print a pattern, click on 'File' in the top left-hand corner of the PDF pattern screen and select 'Print' from the drop down menu. 
Adobe PDF - Printing from the File Tab
Alternatively you can select the print icon at the top of the page (sometimes shown when hovering over the bottom of the page).   You will then see a print pop-up screen as shown below.  

You should select 'Actual Size' in the 'Page Sizing and Handling' section (on some PDF readers this will read 'scaling' which you should set to ‘none’).   
Adobe PDF Reader - Pop-up Print Screen 
For hints and tips on printing Patchsmith pattern books click HERE.

I hope these instructions help.  But if you do get stuck then don't hesitate to contact the pattern designer or Craftsy for assistance.

Here is a downloadable print test check - remember to set print to 'Actual Size' (or page scaling to 'none') before printing it!  This box can be found on most Patchsmith patterns.

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